Oh! Nuts Review

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Awhile ago, I recieved some products from Sam at Oh! Nuts to sample and review. I received a 1 pound bag (how very generous!!!) of each of the following varieties:

Since cashews are one of my favorite nuts, I was very excited to try these. I love honey roasted peanuts, so I figured I would love honey roasted cashews.


The website describes them as follows:

These honey-glazed cashews are the finest, sweetest natural candy around. We dipped the cashews in honey so many times they actually glisten. Our all-natural honey-glazed cashews are a delicious part of any well-balanced indulgence. So sit back, open your mouth, and prepare for a most tasteful experience.

I think I must have recieve a bad batch of these because mine where a dark brown and had a very bitter, burnt taste! I was so disappointed! I think these would be wonderful if not for the burnt taste. I did like them better mixed into something (oatmeal) or crushed up on ice cream, but I couldn’t eat them plain.

Next I tried the cranberry pecans.


They are described as:

This pecan is a unique blend of cranberry infused flavor and cinnamon spice. Each bite is a soft yet somewhat crunchy experience.

These were very good! They definately had a cranberry taste and I loved the “crunch” of the coating! Hubby loved these as well! He would grab a handful just to munch on, but I thought they were too sweet just to eat plain…they were better crushed up and used as a topping. I didn’t try it, but I think these would make a great addition to a cookie (maybe white chocolate chips and cranberry pecans?).

By far my favorite sample was the dark chocolate strawberries.


The website doesn’t say too much about these….

Whole Strawberries in Dark Chocolate

These are dried strawberries that are coated in a thick non-dairy dark chocolate coating. I felt that the coating was a little too thick and a tad on the waxy side, but tasted great! I loved these as a sweet treat! They were so rich that one or two would curb my craving for something sweet.

I loved my Oh! Nuts experience! I only wish that the packages had nutritional information on them (I think only one of the three that I got did), but it is available on the website. The Oh! Nuts website has so many great things to offer, in a variety of price ranges. The items I recieved are fairly expensive ($11.99 per pound for each of the nuts and $7.99 per pound for the strawberries), but they would be a great unique gift idea for a foodie!

The website has such a wide range of options….I think I could spend a long time browsing all the options. They have lots of different kinds of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, candy, granola, trail mix and several other more specialty items. What a great selection! Organic Royal Quinoa (you can’t buy Quinoa around here!), Onion-Garlic Pistachios, Chocolate Covered Pineapple, and Cinnamon Pecans are all on my “must-try” list!

I would recommend Oh! Nuts to anyone! Between the quick shipping, amazing selection, and wonderful products, this is a great place to get bulk nuts and dried fruits! Thanks so much Sam for giving me this great opportunity!!!


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