Gnu Bars

September 6, 2009 at 8:00 am 2 comments

A few weeks ago,  received a package of Gnu Bars from Gnu Foods. These bars come in 7 different flavors, each bar has 12 grams of fiber and they are only 2 Weight Watcher’s points each! These bars are sweetened with fruit juice, are vegan, and are made with organic whole wheat flour!

I loved these bars for an afternoon snack because they are filling and held me over until dinner and had a sweet taste that satisfied my afternoon sweets craving. If you haven’t checked these out you need to!


I tested all seven flavors, and there was only one that I really did not care for. I love the crunch from the different seeds used in these bars! And I love that they do not stick to the wrapper when you open them up!

Esspresso Chip– This bar smelled like Starbucks when I opened the package and it looked like a no-bake cookie…I had high hopes for it! The bar had a nice texture (as did all the flavors!), it was not sticky but not dried out, either! I love the crunch from the different seeds used in these bars! There was a strong coffee taste with little chocolate and a definate coffee aftertaste. This was my least favorite…probably because I’m not a coffee drinker!


Banana Walnut– I loved this flavor. It would be great for satisfying a banana bread craving, yet it didn’t taste just like banana bread. It had a nice “tangy” taste, probably from the fruit juice! Very good!

(I think my camera ate this picture…it was that good!)

Peanut Butter– This bar smelled like peanut butter and kind of like a bottle of vitamins (?!?!). It was fruity and peanut buttery at the same time, which I wasn’t to fond of at first, but by the end of the bar, I enjoyed the flavor combinations.


Cinnamon Raisin– This was probably one of my favorites. It tasted just like a fresh oatmeal cookie (maybe I should try warming one of these up in the microwave?). Definately would recommend this flavor!


Orange Cranberry– I’m not a huge orange fan (unless they are fresh) but this one was good. It smelled and tasted like orange juice. I would love a little bit more cranberry flavor…the orange was a little overpowering.


Chocolate Brownie- This one taste kind of like a Chocolate Brownie Z Bar, only a little bit denser, chewier, and with a fruity taste under the chocolate. Not my favorite, but not bad.


Lemon Ginger– This bar was really good. I didn’t try it unti last because I am not a huge ginger fan. It smelled like fresh lemons, and seemed to be a little more “cake-like” than the other flavors. There was a nice, mild citrus taste with a little ginger “kick” in the aftertaste. I don’t know why I was “scared” of this one!


Definately try out these bars….especially if you are looking for a lower calorie bar that will still keep you full!

Thanks, Gnu Foods!!


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  • 1. ethan feinberg  |  September 25, 2009 at 12:31 pm

    You should visit if you love GNU bars, there are so many other great options to choose from and the prices are really competitive. Have a great day

    • 2. Moishe  |  July 21, 2010 at 3:27 pm are crooks♦


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