It’s Only Tuesday?!

August 25, 2009 at 4:20 pm Leave a comment

I have felt like I am running behind all day….It doesn’t help that I have had two puppies at home with upset tummies since I got home from work yesterday. Yuck. At least we don’t have any carpet, so cleanup is easy (sorry if that’s TMI). I really didn’t want to leave them home today, but I really couldn’t justify calling into work for sick dogs, so my baby sister is going to check in on them during the day.

Dinner last night was totally off plan. I was starving when I got home so I munched on some nuts, but then I wasn’t hungry for my kidney bean burger! I ate about half and a plum. Then I laid on the couch the rest of the night with a terrible headache! I feel better now, but I didn’t want to do ANYTHING last night!

Breakfast was a little backwards today, due to some things going on at work. (It has been a CRAZY day!) First off I had a banana, then about 1 1/2 hours later I had my standard blueberry pie oatmeal. I think this system might work to my advantage with a run at lunch!



I also did not get my normal Diet Coke this morning. I figured if I was running I should get some H2O in me beforehand. I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to crack open that bottle of pop this morning! ….I guess that’s a sign of an addiction! 😉

Before digging into my cool, new lunchbox for lunch, I had a 1.75 mile run on the training schedule. I managed to pound out 1.8 miles with two small walk breaks in there.  I didn’t go very fast, just under an 11 minute mile pace overall, but considering it has been WEEKS since I have done much running, I was happy to get out there!


Today for lunch, I was inspired by a sandwich that I saw Meghann make. It is an Arnold Thin with reduced fat peanut butter, dried cranberries and a fresh, white peach. I also had corn on the cob and a dino egg plum.



Snack was a Carrot Cake Clif Bar. This is a little bit more calorie dense than I like for an afternoon snack, but I was starving all afternoon!


 I may have to refigure my lunchtime meal if I am going to continue with my runs during that time.

Does anyone else run during their lunch? If so, do you eat a bigger meal for lunch and a smaller one for dinner? How do you combat the mid-afternoon starvation? (Or am I the only one that gets that?)


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