Crazy Weekend!

August 10, 2009 at 3:17 pm 2 comments

Wow….what a jam packed weekend this was! Saturday was the big family reunion, but there were severe thunderstorms all day which put a crimp in the plans (the hayride got cancelled…bummer) Hubby was gone all day with his friends and our power went out right after he left so I head over to mom and dad’s house to shower and get ready. Mom made me a hot ham and cheese on a bun sandwhich….just like they used to serve in school (I loved those things!!). 

We headed over to the reunion where the highlight was holding the 4 month old twin cousins. They are ADORABLE. (Of course my camera was charging when the power went out and I forgot to take it with me.)

Sunday the hubby and I headed to “the city” to go to Olive Garden (with a gift card!) and get some groceries. I tried one of the new dishes at Olive Garden and did not like it at all. That is the first time I have ever had something bad there! After we put the groceries away we went to hubby’s mom and dad’s trying to escape the 96*+high humidity weather in our (non air-conditioned) house….but there house was 10 times worse! So, we ended up at my parents (where the AC works wonderfully!) and I grill hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. We also broke out a bottle of red wine that my parents were given as a gift. None of us have ever had wine before, so this was an experience. (We didn’t have a corkscrew, so we improvised with a big screw out of dad’s tool box!) Needless to say, we did not like the wine. It was too bitter. Is that normal? What is a good red wine for “beginners”?

I was actually excited for work this morning…mainly because I only work today and tomorrow and then have the rest of the week off to spend with my college roomie who is coming up to stay with us! Can’t wait…but I have tons to get done tonight and hubby wants to go the the semi-truck pulls at the county fair (yet another “exciting” country passtime!)  tomorrow night.

On to the food!

Breakfast: Blueberry Pie Oats (oats with water, blueberries, cinnamon and brown sugar)


Snack: Pistachios


A Tootsie Roll


Lunch: Salad with organic spring mix, fat free feta cheese, and reduced fat catalina dressing and a PB&J on an Arnold Thin (Haven’t been terribly hungry…I think it’s due to the weather)


Snack: None so far. I may have a banana on the drive home

Dinner: Homemade enchiladas and watermelon. Yum!!!

At lunch time I ran to the local Kroger store and bought a ton of cheese. They had all their store brand cheese on sale 10 for $10. I ended up with 3 blocks (colby jack, swiss, and cheddar) 2 packs of sandwich slices (mozzarella and munster) and 5 bags of shredded which I will put in the freezer (2 cheddar, 1 mexican blend, and 2 mozzarella). I also bought 5 carrot cake Clif bars that were also 10 for $10. My total savings was just over $28! I think I got a bargain!!

What’s the best grocery bargain you’ve ever found?


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Ready for the Weekend!!! I’m Outta Here!

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  • 1. dishin  |  August 10, 2009 at 4:30 pm

    What kind of wine was it? Next time try cabernet or pinot noir…both are fruity, mild and sweet (but not too sweet).

    What dish was it at Olive Garden that you didn’t like? I haven’t been there in a while but it’s so good!

  • 2. eatingmachine  |  August 11, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    your best bet to find wine you like is to try a bunch-look for somewhere you can go tasting (doesn’t have to be a winery, a lot of grocery stores around me do them too). The more you try, the more you start to figure out what you like. Sometimes the ones they let you taste are pricier, but they’re a good starting point.
    i agre with the person above, a pinot is pretty mild, might not be a bad one to try!


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